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Mist Health will begin with nearly two dozen products focusing on CBD and Delta-8 gummies, nootropics, along with health gummies.

Press Release updated: Dec 16, 2020 13:22 MST

Gummi World is entering into a joint venture agreement with Mist Health Systems, LLC to bring a cutting-edge lineup of cannabis-based health products and nutraceuticals.

Mist Health product developers have dedicated their lives to improving the health and wellbeing of their customers through natural solutions utilizing cannabinoids, supplements, and essential vitamins made from the finest ingredients available on the market. Mist Health will begin with nearly two dozen products focusing on CBD and Delta-8 gummies, nootropics, along with health gummies.

Mist Health Systems is the first hemp-based product company that features leading nutraceutical researchers, brand developers, formulators and sales professionals with decades of experience. 

Gummi World provides white label manufacturing of custom gummi vitamins and supplements. The company works directly with clients to produce exclusive gummi vitamin recipes as well as manufacturing, bottling, labeling, and order fulfillment overseen by industry experts.

“We are excited to combine the unique, marketplace offerings of Gummi World with the expertise of Mist Health Systems in the health and wellness industry,” said Alexander Candelario, Gummi World CEO.

Mist Health Systems said that Gummi World’s Diamond Team concept and ability to manufacture custom and quality products based on a customer’s specifications played a crucial role in their decision. The Diamond Team oversees the production of nutraceuticals at Gummi World and is comprised of an Executive Chef, Pharmacist, Food Scientist, Food Chemist, and Medical Doctor.

The Mist Health Systems formulation team is headed by an iconic 40-year veteran of nutrition and the founder of the sports and performance nutrition. The team has multiple, individual billion-dollar product formulations and more than $25 billion in brand sales for their formulations. The team has more than 100 years of vertically integrated nutritional experience as well as pioneering Federal compliance procedures.

Mist Health has more than 100,000 connections to retail stores nationwide through an extensive product lineup.

“The ability of Gummi World to customize manufacturing, production, and order fulfillment from beginning to end along with the professional expertise the Diamond Team brings to the table made this joint venture opportunity a no-brainer,” said Chuck Stebbins, Mist Health CEO.

More About Mist Health:
The company has total or significant ownership in biomedical research partnerships, cannabinoids and terpene manufacturing companies, biophysics manufacturing and sales enterprises, a pharmaceutical company with 5 drugs in the testing pipeline, and one of the largest fitness science companies in the field.

More About Gummi World:
Gummi World is a state-of-the-art recipe development, production, and fulfillment partner that helps entrepreneurs develop gummi vitamin supplements. The company focuses on creating unique recipes and offers a one-of-a-kind attention to detail and quality at every turn and is dedicated to being a resource to their partners that is unmatched.

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Josh Kleinstreuer

Source: Gummi World