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Miami, FL, Nov. 04, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — In the post-COVID-19 world, the odds of running a successful conventional business have never been more against your favor. As people take precaution against the coronavirus, countless established businesses have gone out of business. Since the average person has spent most of their 2020 at home, the world’s fastest-growing businesses have been thriving from a smartphone or laptop; it’s no surprise that far fewer students are attending higher education universities and pursuing an online business. Meet Arthur Caravellas, Co-Founder of Grow With Us Agency—one of the many young business moguls who left college to pursue an online business and has never looked back since. When it comes to dominating the very competitive Instagram marketing space— here’s how this savvy entrepreneur crushes that.  Creating Opportunities leads to Success
After spending a year attending IE University in Spain—Arthur made the bold decision to drop out in October 2019, a month before joining forces with his business partner Dre Medici and starting Grow With Us Agency. Over the last decade, Instagram has become the go-to app for digital marketers worldwide—and for a good reason. The platform has over one billion active users worldwide and is regarded as a modern-day business card by Arthur. Once he realized that Instagram enabled him to reach out to thousands of people daily without spending a single dollar— he began building his personal branding agency focusing on helping people make a living on the widely popular app. 
Arthur on Teaching Personal Branding BasicsAccording to Arthur—when it comes to Instagram, it is human nature to swipe out of a business page that lacks credibility, has low-quality content, and doesn’t look appealing to the human eye. He often compares having a lackluster Instagram page to driving a Toyota— people won’t look at you or pause to take pictures of your car, while if you drive an exotic supercar, the attention is all on you. “I help personal brands, as well as businesses, go from being that Toyota on Instagram to being a Lamborghini, which of course translates into more revenue and opportunities in general.”In the past year alone, Arthur has helped thirty clients generate six-figures a year from Instagram by helping his clients create elite online brands, by far the most out of any online business consultant.
How Arthur and Grow With Us Can Help You 
The company has been on a strong uptrend over these last few months, and they focus on delivering top-notch customer service in order to keep the momentum going. Alongside Arthur, two very driven and passionate entrepreneurs—Dre Medici and Omar Choudhury— also help lead the company. Grow With Us has become a household name in the online space when it comes to celebrity growth campaigns, branding, and lead generation formulas.
Celebrity Campaigns – Grow With Us has teamed up with Supreme Patty, Tayler Holder, Rubi Rose, Ondreaz Lopez, Olivia Ponton, just to name a few celebrities. These campaigns have yielded incredible results for its clients—who grew an organic following at a record rate. Growing its clients’ followings is one part of Grow With Us’ Instagram success formula, but it’s only one of the ingredients to their winning recipe. 
Branding –  Arthur and his team at Grow With Us constantly emphasize the importance of posting high-quality content. Once their clients go through stage one (growing their followings through GWU’s celebrity campaigns), they now need to focus on developing value-driven, high-quality content that matches their high following. According to Arthur, this is a must in order to obtain the utmost credibility and increase one’s chances of seeing success. “You have to make sure that you are always delivering the best first impression possible when a potential client comes across your page. You never know who might be looking at you on social media, so make sure you always present yourself at a high-level.” 
Monetization – The vast majority of businesses and personal brands on Instagram leave so much potential business on the table from underestimating the power of the social media platform and not giving it the attention it deserves. Grow With Us helps brands turn credibility into income on Instagram by helping its clients actively engage with their audience, and coaching them on sending out custom direct messages to people in their respective target demographic—which inevitably leads to a significant boost in revenue. At the end of the day, it’s a numbers game, and Instagram allows brands to have a massive reach with minimal costs. 
Become a Catalyst in this Digital Revolution
Finally, if you want to see results in the online marketing world, you must become a catalyst in your industry. Arthur and his team at Grow with Us Agency are experts in teaching people how to go from being an average Joe— to becoming a catalyst in your industry. Grow With Us solves the entire puzzle for you, providing you with rapid Instagram growth, personal branding support, and lead generation formulas that will ultimately lead you to dominating your industry online. 

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