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​Lepro, a digital lighting brand manufacturer, released MagicColor series LED strip lights.

Lepro MagicColor LED strip lights bring amazing dynamic colors, which is much better than traditional RGB’s static color. Traditional RGB LED strip lights can only emit single color, so the lighting effect is limited. Customers can only choose a single color. Lepro MagicColor strip lights come with advanced IC. IC makes colors dynamic. Customers can get many lighting effects with many colors, for example, waterfall, dynamic neon signs, dynamic marquee signs, and so on. Please watch the video here or on YouTube to find out how cool MagicColor strip lights make a room.

Lepro MagicColor strip lights are also music synced. Dynamic colors can dance with the music. It’s so cool as party lighting and festival lighting.

Finally, the price of Lepro MagicColor strip lights is affordable. The 16-foot (5 meters) version in the USA is less than $22. The 32-foot (10 meters) version in the USA is less than $30. Search “Lepro MagicColor” and buy on Amazon and enjoy.

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Frank Lee
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Source: Lepro