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Fiscal second quarter 2021 revenue of $36.8 million, a 24% increase compared to fiscal second quarter 2020 revenue of $29.7 million, driven primarily by strength in new customer adds across segments and offeringsContinued bookings momentum driving strength in new customer adds across segments and offeringsSEATTLE, Oct. 14, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Accolade, Inc. (NASDAQ: ACCD), which provides personalized, technology-enabled solutions that help people better understand, navigate, and utilize the healthcare system and their workplace benefits, today announced financial results for the fiscal second quarter ended August 31, 2020.“Accolade is built on the fundamental belief that we can improve health outcomes for our members while at the same time lowering total healthcare costs for their employers. While the current COVID-19 crisis has exacerbated the challenges facing the healthcare industry, our strong financial results and continuing momentum demonstrate that we can achieve these objectives, even in a difficult economic environment and healthcare crisis,” said Rajeev Singh, Accolade CEO.Mr. Singh continued, “Our dedicated frontline healthcare team is a differentiator in the market and is responsible for our incredible customer engagement and satisfaction. Their success is underpinned by our innovative platform that allows us to flex our capabilities to the needs of the market, as seen by the rapid delivery of Accolade COVID Response Care last quarter and our launch of Mental Health Integrated Care with our partner, Ginger, announced last month. Our ability to innovate quickly is drawing more partners to our platform and fueling our sales momentum across all our customer segments. We are delighted to build on our success in the first half of fiscal 2021 and raise our outlook for the full year.”Financial Highlights for Fiscal Second Quarter 2021 ended August 31, 2020