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DAYTON, Ohio, Oct. 6, 2020 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — LucidDx Labs (LucidDx), one of Ohio’s leading diagnostic testing laboratories, has recently announced plans to expand its widespread COVID-19 testing beyond only high-priority individuals presenting with symptoms of the novel coronavirus, but also to now provide much-needed increased testing capacity to local physician offices, nursing homes, area hospitals, municipalities and employers affected by the pandemic.

LucidDx Labs Quiksal Dental Rinse Testing
PHOTO CAPTION: One of Ohio’s leading labs is now providing drive-through testing to more than 3,000 patients daily with reliable results in 24-48 hours with an oral rinse instead of the painful nasal swab.

The laboratory also offers a self-pay option. Lucid has developed and patented a unique “Mouth Wash” product whereby patients “swish and spit” into a collection tube, replacing the Nasopharyngeal swabs typically associated with COVID testing.

“Nasopharyngeal swabs are time consuming, have a high false negative rate due to improper collection and are painful and off-putting,” said Dr. Phillip Gibbs, PhD the Chief Science officer and biochemist at LucidDx labs who developed the patent-pending “Quiksal” collection method. “Patients on metformin and other medications typically have dry mouth and cannot produce enough saliva for a purely saliva-based test either.”

Gibbs Continued “Additionally, the viscosity of Saliva proposes several challenges in scaling at the lab level, cross contamination on robotics platforms and inconsistencies are high. The Oral Rinse solves all these issues. Our studies have shown the Oral Rinse to be a more effective indicator of infection due to ease of use and detecting a true infection, not just viral fragments in a nasal swab which are keeping people quarantined for much longer than they are truly infectious.”

Greg Ingle, CEO of LucidDx said, “As the country and our own community continues to deal with the impact of this public health crisis, LucidDx feels deeply fortunate to have the expertise and capacity to do our part in providing vital COVID-19 testing. We know it’s critical that individuals experiencing symptoms or those returning to work have immediate access to testing for peace of mind and to protect our communities.”

Over the past several months, LucidDx has already been supporting testing efforts for local police departments and at area urgent cares and hospital systems across the state for patients experiencing coronavirus symptoms. Now, testing is also available to anyone that needs a test. It is as simple as sending a text message. Anyone that needs a test can either call or text “614-819-3424” and complete the intake process and go to the drive through site for dropping the sample. The results will be delivered in 24 to 48 hours via a text message directly to the persons mobile phone using a secure message protocols.

LucidDx offers Ohio residents access to a variety of telehealth providers (if needed), scheduling of testing via its online scheduling app, providing physician offices, hospitals, employers, nursing homes or municipalities with testing collection kits, as well as offering a wide variety of custom-solutions to meet specific testing needs.

With the growing demand for state-wide testing, in late April, LucidDx began offering COVID-19 testing at several drive-through collection facilities. A list of sites is available on

Madhukar Narahari, CIO of LucidDx stated, “We invest in the best, state-of-the-art equipment and our team is comprised of IT programmers, mechanical engineers and biochemists. It takes out of the box thinking to reliably scale COVID-19 testing and we feel like we have knocked it out of the park with our new collection kit and fully automated processes – it is safer for the patients and the lab staff.”

Narahari continued, “The lab has built multiple redundancies and six custom automation robots that offer the ability to provide accurate, rapid results to test at least 3,000 patients every single day and we’re hopeful to continue to expand our capacity, “Our goal is to ensure every employer, every organization and every individual in Ohio can have the peace of mind that testing is readily available to them. LucidDx and our entire team of technicians feel a deep sense of purpose in our work and remain committed to serving the needs of Ohio as we begin to enter new phases of the state’s testing strategy.”

About LucidDx

Founded in 2017, LucidDx is one of the leading genomic laboratories in the Midwest. Headquartered in a 36,000 sq. ft. state of the art Facility in Dayton, Ohio, LucidDx has grown to employ nearly 60 m members throughout Ohio, is certified by CLIA and COLA and works with national and global partners such as Thermo Fisher Scientific, Shimadzu, Tecan, Eppendorf and others.

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Patent pending reference: WO2020102808A2 is the PCT designation.

For more information on testing locations and availability, please contact:
Greg Ingle at LucidDx labs at (317) 306-9042


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*Caption: One of Ohio’s leading labs is now providing drive-through testing to more than 3,000 patients daily with reliable results in 24-48 hours with an oral rinse instead of the painful nasal swab.

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