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LAS VEGAS, Oct. 06, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Two federal judges at the United States District Court for the Nevada District, that were statutorily disqualified for financial interests related to the Bernie Sanders campaign, participated in the ‘sua sponte’ order of dismissal and judgment (in favor of ‘nil dicit’ nonmovants) against an African-American political activist in a civil action related to ‘cruel and unusual punishment’ and Bivens’ claims by federal inmates– a civil rights lawsuit with respect to sensitive government documents (misfiled by the U.S. Attorney in Montana) regarding a Hispanic prisoner who tested positive with the COVID-19 virus but was never told he was infected by the BOP, or allowed release on his 90-day home confinement pass approved by a federal prison official (– resulting in court papers [filed], that are presumed to tunnel to a COVID-19 outbreak (cover-up) at the Federal Bureau of Prisons’ federal detention center in Seattle, which found their way to the back to the court dockets of (indirectly) related lawsuits in federal district courts in District of Columbia and Nevada.