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Atlanta, Georgia , Sept. 25, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Haitian born and raised, Nickie Nougaisse now spends her time in sunny Florida. She is both a woman’s advocate and an entrepreneur. In a time when Black business owners are often overlooked, Nickie has shown that persistence pays off by landing a contract with Target.
After years of tangling with her curly, coiled hair she found a solution by creating it herself. Curls Dynasty started via an attempt to fix her damaged hair after years of processing and straightening it. She decided to let it go natural and found herself struggling with relearning her hair structure.But don’t simply write her off as a hair goddess, she also has her degrees in Psychology, Criminal Justice, Child Delinquency and Protection. Nickie Nou (as she’s known on social media) is a warrior that stands up and works with abused women and children. Combine her amazing strength and dedication to her quest in finding answers for her hair, and you’re left with an extraordinary woman who is determined to make a difference.The breakage and damage to her hair got to be too much, so when she started mixing batches of ingredients in her kitchen, she found just the right combinations. Other people took note and started asking her to create batches for them, too, and offered to pay her. The quenching ingredients she used helped her parched, dry hair, and helped her grow a beautiful head of healthy hair. She knew she was onto something special, and went from small batches to larger batches, to finally expanding to the point of now being in big box stores like Target. But it didn’t always come easy. There were struggles along the way, and being rejected and scraping to get her business up and running came down to perseverance.It was important to her that she used chemical-free ingredients in her cleansers, conditioners, hair masques, and more. Chemicals did so much damage to her own hair, it was a priority to create something better, safer, and less caustic to hair. Her business has motivated her to reach out to inspire others, as her journey has taken her to great heights. What she loves the most is that her products target specific frustrations, so women can target their concerns.She says that her mother raised her with faith and strength and has played a big role in helping her believe in herself. Today, she gets to share her strength with her own children and is the mother of two boys. Start your healthy hair regimen with Curls Dynasty and love your hair again.The products use all organic and natural ingredients. In today’s environment, not knowing what half of the chemicals they put into a product are, this was more vital than ever. If you’re ready to let your natural curls become a healthy halo of goodness, Curls Dynasty just might be worth checking out.Listen, today, with a pandemic, so many people are discouraged and are faced with struggle or rejection. Don’t give up. Dare to push forward. It was Nickie’s continual persistence to find answers and scale her brand that she finally found success. She went from having pennies to finding success. It takes time, hard work, and dedication, but anybody can do the same thing by not giving up.Curls Dynasty
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