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South Carolina, Sept. 25, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — South Carolina – Minute Loan Center has been serving hardworking Americans from coast to coast for over twenty-five years through their brick and mortar locations across Delaware, Mississippi, Missouri, Nevada and Utah.  They have now expanded their services to include completely online applications, allowing consumers to apply for and receive needed funds from the safety and convenience of their homes. South Carolina is the newest state to gain access to Minute Loan Center’s online portal and to benefit from the variety of services and quality of care that the company offers. Minute Loan Center offers South Carolinians signature loans up to $2,500, often delivering funds the same day they are requested.  Their Minute Money service enables customers to quickly apply and receive instant funding to their debit cards within minutes after receiving approval and signing a new loan. Minute Loan Center has helped hundreds of thousands of patrons get the funds they need, often when others would not help them. “We are devoted to the communities we serve, and our online loan portal allows us to help even more people in need of immediate funds,” said George Gutenberg, National Director of Operations.  “We are excited to welcome South Carolina to the family.” Minute Loan Center operates a member support team, staffed with US-based representatives that are ready to guide you through the entire loan process.  Their level of personal service differentiates Minute Loan Center from other loan providers and ensures a smooth application process.  When you apply for a loan online, one of their friendly associates will be happy to answer all your questions, guide you through the entire process and once your loan is approved, get you the money often before your web visit ends.  Minute Loan Center is a proud member of the Online Lenders Alliance, and abides by their Best Practices and Code of Conduct. They never charge hidden fees or present any financial surprises.  They are committed to your success and to building your credit, one loan at a time.  Minute Loan Center South Carolina is now open and ready to service all your personal loan needs. Start your online application now at ### About Minute Loan Center: Minute Loan Center (MLC) is a pioneering alternative finance company helping people in a pinch get short-term funds, perfect credit not required. Operating in Delaware, Mississippi, Missouri, Nevada, Utah and introducing South Carolina, MLC is a community lender with decades of experience serving our neighbors. We lead the way with products designed around customer success and additional services such as MLC Coupons and First Avenu to help people live their best life.AttachmentsMLC Logo StackedMLC – Family ImageJoe Judt
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