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To help marketers better manage content compliance obligations, Facial Recognition brings advanced facial identification with auto-tagging by matching files to people.

Press Release updated: Sep 25, 2020 16:00 PDT

Today, IntelligenceBank – the leading marketing operations platform – announced the launch of Facial Recognition. As an add-on to IntelligenceBank’s Digital Asset Management offering, Facial Recognition brings advanced facial identification with auto-tagging by matching files to people.

Within IntelligenceBank DAM, users can add a master file with a person’s name to ‘train’ the AI engine. Then whenever a new asset is added featuring that person, his or her name will automatically be added in the keywords. 

According to Tessa Court, CEO IntelligenceBank, “Artificial intelligence can improve business processes everywhere – including Digital Asset Management. Our new Facial Recognition capabilities enable marketing teams to optimize their processes, ensure marketing content is compliant from a talent usage perspective and get work done faster and more efficiently.”  She further adds, “as many of our clients who have ambassadors, students, patients or well-known faces representing their brands, our Facial Recognition capability saves them time by making it easy to find talent that has been used across multiple campaigns and remove files featuring expired talent usage rights.”

Here are the core benefits of incorporating Facial Recognition software into Digital Asset Management:

Identify Assets to Archive: When an individual is no longer associated with a business, Facial Recognition can identify all the files needed to be removed or archived instantly.

Renew Talent Rights:  When taking a stock of all images held of a particular individual, Facial Recognition makes it easy to renew or update talent usage rights when contracts or release forms are renewed. 

Quickly Find All Specified People: By isolating all images of an individual, Facial Recognition cuts down on time spent manually searching for specific files.

Update Keyword Tags with Names: When searching for all images associated with an individual, Facial Recognition seamlessly updates the images with corresponding keyword tags with their names.

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Source: IntelligenceBank