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AET has built a fully digital product for RIAs to manage their customers and automate time-consuming tasks

Press Release updated: Sep 24, 2020 06:00 PDT

FinTech-focused Trust Company and Custodian AET released Trust Platform: a product that digitizes client onboarding and reporting for financial advisors. Advisors can invite customers to invest in a variety of alternative assets. Customers can also link bank accounts and deposit funds within a single user-friendly system. Trust Platform is designed to consolidate and automate day-to-day operations for RIAs while reducing time spent on compliance.

Trust Platform includes:

  1. Business Portal – for Advisors to manage client portfolios, collect fees, and share forms
  2. Investor Portal – for clients to deposit funds, check performance, and approve investments

“We’ve been working with RIAs for a decade. Whether they run boutique, specialized firms or large-scale companies with hundreds of clients, we understand their needs and pain points at every level,” says Gabriel Ferrin, Head of Product at AET. “Trust Platform was designed as a turnkey solution to reduce those administrative, compliance, and operational burdens of the financial industry while improving the user experience for RIA customers.”

With so many RIAs still relying on faxes and snail mail to execute simple account openings, there’s a lot of demand for a more efficient process. The Trust Platform feature set is robust, managing funds and forms alike. The system removes pen and paper from the customer onboarding process as well as collects funds directly on the platform. Not only does Trust Platform take the stress away from the RIA, but it also improves the experience for their clients – providing unparalleled value.

Trust Platform aggregates and tracks client data so advisors can turn their performance-reporting hassles into a clean, self-service process. Performance reporting has historically been a time-consuming issue for financial advisors. Surprisingly, there has been little innovation in this space other than the minor upgrade from physical statements to digital ones. Less time preparing reports means more time improving the core of their business and attracting new clients.

“RIAs can take a deep breath knowing that Trust Platform comes with the necessary compliance measures baked into the system,” says Summer Webb, Head of Business Development for AET. As a licensed trust company regulated in the state of Nevada, AET must perform due diligence to ensure platform users are acting in good faith and are adhering to all regulatory requirements. This removes time, cost, and unnecessary third parties from the compliance process; an attractive alternative to hiring a compliance consultant to do all of this for them.

American Estate & Trust (AET) focuses on improving financial services for the New Economy since 2007. By pairing its expertise in traditional retirement solutions with forward-thinking technical innovations, AET is set to pave the way for a new generation of money, business, and personal finance.

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Source: American Estate & Trust