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Press Release updated: Sep 24, 2020 15:00 EDT

​SERPMaster, a low-cost Google Search Engine Result Page (SERP) scraper, reshapes the data collection market by offering unprecedented accessibility to high-quality online intelligence. 

SERPMaster is crafted to provide ready-to-use data, which is ideal for a variety of use cases and cheaper than ever before. It fulfills the needs of any company seeking to set the most competitive prices, protect their business from online threats, or conquer the highest rankings on Google search page.

“If your company name is not present on the first page of Google search, you might as well not exist. Every SEO expert knows that to skyrocket to the top of a search page, you need accurate data to fuel your decisions and, before SERPMaster was launched, only the companies with large budgets could afford that luxury. Now, we have changed the game rules, giving an equal chance for every business, no matter their size, to be seen and heard,” says Austin Coleman, Chief of Technology Officer at SERPMaster​

The reliable data provided by SERPMaster also serves to navigate the complexities which arise when setting the most competitive product or service pricings. Austin Coleman added:

“In this unpredictable market, where product prices change more often than the weather, retailers need accurate, real-time data to adapt and remain attractive to their clients. The most effective pricing strategies result from educated decisions, which are impossible to make without constantly tracking and monitoring the price positions in a given market. We introduced SERPMaster to solve this step for our clients, allowing them to focus on data rather than its collection.” 

In addition to improving rankings of Google search results and setting the most competitive pricing strategy, SERPMaster is also suited to equip companies with data that enables them to fight online piracy and counterfeit goods. The tool can provide constant surveillance for high-risk products online, allowing companies to react swiftly and effectively in case of detected illicit activities. 

Developed by the SEO data science experts, the SERPMaster solution boasts an impressive 100% data extraction success rate, guaranteed by its CAPTCHA solving and auto-retry features. The tool is also enhanced with highly flexible data provision mechanisms, which enable it to deliver requested data in both HTML and JSON formats. SERPMaster can also receive results for any device or browser, on a country, state, city, or even coordinate level.

About SERPMaster​​
SERPMaster is a data acquisition company based in New York, NY. Our goal is simple – to make valuable information hiding within the Google Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs) easily digestible and accessible for everyone, no matter their budget. We are committed to level the ground for businesses worldwide and create a market where even the smallest companies are given the opportunity to capitalize on the most accurate and reliable data available.

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Source: SERPmaster