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Underrepresented Founders Receive Business Knowledge Crucial to Help Grow Their Businesses

Press Release updated: Sep 10, 2020 13:00 EDT

Joe Beverly announced today the founding of a new virtual startup incubator, The Cranium Incubator, whose purpose is to help underrepresented founders receive business knowledge crucial to help start and grow their businesses and to receive mentoring and exposure to investors.

I founded The Cranium Incubator because I have a strong desire to help underrepresented entrepreneurs be prepared to fund and grow their business ideas. We have developed sessions which cover all the major topics needed to start, fund and run a business,” said Beverly who is an entrepreneur and has been investing in startup businesses since 2013.

The 12-week program includes fourteen 1.5-hour sessions taught by Joe Beverly and other subject matter experts, question and answer sessions to review information, mentoring sessions and exposure to potential investors. Topics will include strategy, market and customer discovery, steps required to set up a business, unit economics, accounting, how to present to investors, financing, business operations and management, sales, marketing and others. Ten partial or full scholarships will be given based on entrepreneur potential and need. The deadline for applications is 9/28/2020 at 5:00 PM.

About Joe Beverly

Joe Beverly graduated summa cum laude from UGA with a BBA in International Business. After being a successful business owner since 1984 and being an angel investor for over seven years who has made more than 15 angel investments, he understands there is a void in the startup ecosystem as it relates to helping underrepresented entrepreneurs. The Cranium Incubator is intended to fill that void.

For entrepreneurs interested in becoming a member of The Cranium Incubator, a “Brainiac” as we like to call them, please visit the website at or contact us via email at to learn more about scholarships, curriculum and registration.

Source: The Cranium Incubator