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Press Release updated: Sep 10, 2020 15:00 CDT

Nutraveris, a FoodChain ID company, launches Nutraveris Online [NOL], an integrated platform that uses artificial intelligence to evaluate and monitor U.S. dietary supplement data and compliance.

Nutraveris is the leading EU scientific and regulatory affairs consultancy and technology software provider covering the health, nutrition, and supplement markets. They advise agri-food, pharmaceutical, personal care, ingredient, and nutraceutical companies on reaching full market approval of their supplements, ingredients, and health products.

The platform features NOL Data Solution, which enables customers to create new products leveraging U.S. regulatory, scientific & marketing data, including ODI, NDI, GRAS, CFR, warning letters, and possible claims.

A second feature, NOL Compliance, provides insights for new product launches and includes automated compliance analysis, label generation, and on-going monitoring and alerts.

NOL draws a weekly updated inventory of scientific and regulatory information on more than 3,000 ingredients, 40,000 finished products, and over 40,000 peer-reviewed publications over 132 areas of application.

In addition to law texts and ingredient regulatory status, the platform provides innovative ideas (new ingredients/applications), scientific evidence for efficacy and safety, health claim analyses, and supplier efficacy proofs.

Foodchain ID CEO Brad Riemenapp says, “By adding scale to the Nutraveris solution, we are expanding our reach in the ‘good for you’ sector. Anyone launching a dietary supplement in the United States recognizes the complexity of the regulatory framework. Nutraveris Online optimizes efficiency by increasing access to and decreasing the complexity of the reams of regulatory information required to inform this fast-growing market segment.”

Nutraveris CEO Cédric Bourges adds, “Nutraveris Online contains the same level of clarity and functionality for the United States that we provide to Europe, which includes the regulatory status for more than 3,000 ingredients. As part of FoodChain ID, we are excited to take our tools to the next level to serve current and new customers.”

About FoodChain ID

The FoodChain ID Group is located across North & South America, Europe, and Asia. It provides integrated food safety and food quality solutions that address the rapidly evolving food industry’s challenges and opportunities. Serving more than 30,000 clients in over 100 countries with a market-leading portfolio of testing, inspection, certification, and consulting services, the FoodChain ID Group helps companies navigate the increasingly regulated global food economy demanding higher transparency, accountability, safety, and sustainability.

About Nutraveris

Nutraveris is the leading EU scientific and regulatory affairs consultancy and technology provider covering the health, nutrition, and supplements markets, supporting customers to reach full market approval of their supplements, ingredients, and health products. NOL (Nutraveris Online) is the most effective on-line platform to help you create, label, and launch dietary supplements, providing real-time regulatory, scientific, and market data solutions. We are resolutely focused on the client’s satisfaction and success, providing tailored and strategic solutions. For further information, see


FoodChain ID: Mark Cohen, Sr. Director Marketing

Nutraveris: Patricia Paurgam, International Business Development Manager

Source: FoodChain ID