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The all-purpose sanitizing spray key-chain replaces all disposable products.

EO mini is a sustainable nano mist sanitizer for everything. It is a revolutionary gadget for refreshing and sanitizing the air all around. EO mini can be easily carried around due to its nano size. According to the MediQ Team, the EO mini is effective against TVOC, pollutant particles, and residue pesticides. EO mini can freshen up the air by removing the above pollutants. It can spray continuously for over 10 minutes. The entire bottle is just the size of a standard lipstick; it will fit in a purse, pocket, or even hang outside on the bag as a keychain.

EO mini turns water into powerful EO water through electrolyzing with the pioneering tri-polar electrode unit. With it switched on for just seconds, hypochlorous acid (HOCl) is generated using the minerals from normal tap water, sufficient for most cleaning and sanitizing uses without requiring to add salt. 

It is available for pre-order on Kickstarter now, starting from $35 (55% off MSRP) for a $370 special pack that includes 12 EO mini(s) with an extra discount.

Source: MediQ Team