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Press Release updated: Sep 10, 2020 10:00 EDT

A new book by U.S. author Lidija Millonig Atlas on boosting immunity as a means of protection against Coronavirus (Covid-19) has controversially been banned by global retailer Amazon. The book, titled Corona Warrior, outlines key information on what readers can do to mitigate contracting the highly infectious Covid-19 virus, and what they can do to go about increasing their natural immunity. As stated in the book’s description, “the primary purpose of this book is to educate, increase morale, and provide an effective immunity boosting battle plan during the pandemic, so you no longer have to feel like you are alone in a cycle of ambiguity, stress, and worry.”

With no guarantee of an imminent vaccine, boosting immunity naturally may be many people’s best hope of fighting the virus. Strong correlations have been found between intensive care patients and immune deficiencies. Research is in the early stages, but important findings from scientists at the Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis indicate that Covid-19 patients become ill when their immune systems fail to protect them from the virus.

Lidija Millonig Atlas, D.N.M., aka the Healthstyle Guru, is a holistic health practitioner, author, coach, and creator of “Healthstyle Change: the ATLAS Method” and the “COVET-Z Protocol.” Her motto is simple: Your health is your greatest wealth, therefore be proactive – not reactive when it comes to your health, happiness, and personal development. The contents of the new book include chapters on how to stay physically and mentally healthy during a pandemic, methods to boost immunity naturally, and important information about what Covid-19 is, and how it affects the body.

In response to being denied the right to publish her work on Amazon, Lidija Millonig Atlas made the following statement:

“I am disappointed they would try to prevent me from sharing my work with the public. During times like this, it’s so important to share helpful and educational information with others, specifically on how to boost immunity naturally. While it’s understandable that there is a lot of misinformation that exists as it relates to coronavirus, and they claim they are pointing to official sources only, my book is well researched, sourced, and based on facts.”


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Corona Warrior: Purchase in eBook or paperback at Barnes & Noble: Corona Warrior


Source: Alma Holistic Health