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Press Release updated: Sep 9, 2020 08:00 EDT

These are the top five trending hairstyles for men in Winter 2020 to help them look stylish and trendy. These are also TheSalonGuy’s favorite styles he expects to see everyone having this upcoming season. In order to execute these looks perfectly, use the pictures, video, and styling products below.

Textured Spike 

The trendiest prediction for winter 2020 is a “Textured Spike.” This unique haircut has a fairly tapered side, while the top has a spiked but textured look. The key to executing this style is making sure the top of the hair does not look solid. To create the “Textured Spike,” use a hair paste or texture powder, which is crucial to get that perfect movement. 

Cropped Sweep 

This style is a “Cropped Sweep” because it is cropped through the sides and back while leaving the front long. This style is blended, but there is a severe weight line throughout the haircut. To create the sweep, you want to have the hair hang forward naturally, by brushing through the front, leaving a neat and professional look. It is recommended to use a sea salt spray or leave-in spray to make the overall style more kept. 

Mop Top Haircut 

The “Mop Top Haircut” is extremely trendy due to its appearance on social media. The key point is to show the tapered sides and back, which can be created using a #3 or #4 guard. It blends into the top back of the hair by keeping the top length 3.5-5 inches long. Curls at the top are essential for this look, which can be done by getting a perm to add texture. Having flips or waves in front will keep men trendy and looking like a social media star. 

Middle Part Flow 

The “Middle Part Flow” is parted in the middle while the sides “flow,” meaning the hair connects from the top to the bottom. This winter trend is also widely known on social media because it embraces the natural part of men’s hair and creates a volumed style. Note, the middle part isn’t severe, rather you want to get volume and embrace the natural part of your hair. For prime styling, use a sea salt spray to help hold the hair in place while keeping it natural. 

Messy Mane 

If men want total freedom with their hair and are constantly running their hands through it, this look is for them. Try to make this a textured and volumed style, while also leaving it messy and controlled. The best products for this would be a blow-dry cream or sea salt spray to help leave it layered (shorter into longer lengths) and controlled. 

Products used to create these styles

Hair Paste: 

Texture Powder:

Sea Salt Spray:

25 Leave-in Hair Treatment:

Blow Dry Cream:


Julia Cohen is the Content Director at TheSalonGuy Studios.​

Source: TheSalonGuy