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Office Hour’s mobile application, Oh, connects college students virtually through their specific classes to learn from peers who have taken their exact course or to monetize their knowledge by tutoring those looking for help in classes they know.

Press Release updated: Sep 9, 2020 10:02 EDT

Oh, a unique digital peer tutoring platform for college students, today announced the launch of its application for iOS mobile devices (Android coming this month). Oh is the first tutoring platform that connects students by the specific classes at their college rather than by vague academic subject matters. With Oh’s mobile application, college students can learn from peers who have taken their exact (or more advanced) class or earn by tutoring those looking for help in classes they know – or do both.

Oh was created by recent Harvard College and Cornell University graduates who aim to provide convenient “office hours” (hence Oh) to students through virtual peer learning.

“We designed Oh with the college student in mind and built an application we wish we had in college,” said Steven, Co-Founder. “Major tutoring platforms overlook the college market and can’t guarantee their tutors understand the nuance of the specific college class. That’s why we’ve engineered Oh to match peer students and tutors based on the exact courses at your college.”

With 115 U.S. colleges and over 540,000 classes already on Oh, the tutoring platform is achieving national scale. Oh simplifies the discovery, scheduling, and payments behind its virtual peer tutoring appointments, allowing college students to seek course help or monetize their course knowledge when most convenient.

“We give the power back to the students, allowing them to capitalize on their course knowledge by teaching their favorite classes and to find digital course guidance that best fits their schedule,” said Chris, Co-Founder. “It’s an amazing time for Oh to be able to connect students virtually through the pandemic and restore earning power of lost on-campus jobs.” 

The mobile app is available for download on the Apple App Store. To learn more about Oh, please visit

About Oh:

Office Hours is a provider of digital peer tutoring technology that empowers students to learn or tutor classes in their college. Headquartered in New York, NY, Office Hour’s talented team is motivated to connect knowledge seekers with knowledge providers; to build a place where one’s curiosity meets another’s generosity. For more information, visit


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Source: Office Hours, LLC