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In the Wake of So Many Challenges, Cheryl has advice on staying prepared.

Press Release updated: Sep 9, 2020 11:04 EDT

National Preparedness Month occurs every September and encourages Americans to take steps to prepare for emergencies in their homes, businesses, schools, and communities. This year, Preparedness Month comes with unique challenges as we deal with the pandemic and an economic recession. Cheryl Nelson provides her top safety tips to help people prepare for the storms.

Portable generators are a convenient and possibly life-saving tool to help keep a family safe during power outages. If not used properly, generators can pose risks. We are in the midst of severe weather and hurricane season and the Portable Generator Manufacturers’ Association has important safety tips to ensure safe, proper use of portable generators. To avoid the dangers of invisible, odorless carbon monoxide buildup, always “Take It Outside” which means never running generators indoors or in garages, basements, crawl spaces, sheds, or other partially enclosed spaces. To prepare for hurricane season and help keep your family safe, always take portable generator outside and visit for important safety information. New generator models that comply with the ANSI/PGMA G300-2018 Standard provide enhanced safety through carbon monoxide sensors and shutdown features that help protect against carbon monoxide buildup.

It is important to have a good, working flashlight. One recommendation is the Maglite’s ML 300L 4D Cell LED; it offers more than two weeks of continuous light on one set of batteries in eco-mode. According to Popular Mechanics magazine, “it is the last flashlight you’ll ever need to buy!” Manufactured in America, it gives the right amount of light for almost any situation and offers legendary durability. It is a quality flashlight that works when needed. For more information, visit

Batteries Plus Bulbs has everything needed to keep a home and business powered up during severe weather and disasters, including back-up power units, lanterns, generators, and alkaline batteries. They also carry jump packs, sump pump batteries and generator batteries. It is always important to have uninterruptible power supplies and surge protectors to protect data and keep connected during a storm or power outage. Batteries Plus Bulbs has it all. For more information, visit

The National Association of Insurance Commissioners wants to remind people that a typical homeowners insurance policy does not cover floods, that flood insurance is needed. Flood insurance is available through the NFIP or private insurance companies. Regarding a vehicle, comprehensive auto insurance covers a car for weather-related events like floods and tornadoes, as well as from theft, fire and animal accidents. This kind of insurance is optional, so check the policy to see what is covered. Visit the for more information about insurance products.


Source: Tips on TV Blog