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MIAMI, Sept. 08, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Board-certified neurologist, Kester J Nedd, DO, explores what happens when the brain is injured, how it recovers, and how a transformative evaluation and treatment method can help in his new health book, “Concussion: Traumatic Brain Injury from Head to Tail” (published by Archway Publishing). Dr. Gillian Hotz from the University of Miami, compares the author to “Dr. House,” addressing how, in real time and real life, he is “able to manage the most complex neurological cases acute and chronic and get to the bottom of the issue in order to treat it. This book reflects his ideas from all the years of experience, his theories and how he sees the organization of the brain and the CNS following injury. In an understandable and readable manner, he discusses interesting cases of some of the thousands of patients he has treated over the years.” Speaking for a community of people who suffer with the consequences of brain injury, Nedd describes brain injury as a silent epidemic, given the rate of one in every four individuals being affected by this condition in the United States. Explaining that the condition is often misdiagnosed or not recognized by medical professionals, he posits that it is a major cause of disruption in society. “Concussion” addresses how brain injury resulting from military conflicts, sports, interpersonal violence, falls, and road traffic accidents can impact behavioral outcomes which can cause dementia, attention deficit, mental illness and antisocial behavior. Utilizing the stories of his patient experiences, Nedd explains how the brain works, is injured and recovers. The author pulls from his 30-year expertise from holding leadership positions in neurological rehabilitation and brain injury at the University of Miami and Jackson Memorial Hospital. In the book, the author emphasizes the critical role that the human brain plays in shaping how people see themselves, how they see others and how people as humans function in the world. Nedd makes an ardent call to America and to the world, to wake up and recognize brain injury and its consequences. He says, “It’s time to pay attention.” “Concussion” is available for purchase online at: “Concussion”By Kester J Nedd, DOHardcover | 6 x 9 in | 638 pages | ISBN 9781480886957E-Book | 638 pages | ISBN 9781480886964Available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble About the AuthorKester J Nedd, DO, has helped thousands of patients with traumatic brain injury over his 30-year career. A board-certified neurologist, he was formerly a neurological rehabilitation and concussion traumatic brain injury specialist at the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine and and currently serves as Managing Partner at Design Neuroscience Center in Miami. As an expert in sports concussion, Nedd is involved in treating current and retired athletes and is on the forefront of issues related to concussion from sports, military conflicts, road traffic accidents, and other injuries.Simon & Schuster, a company with nearly ninety years of publishing experience, has teamed up with Author Solutions, LLC, the worldwide leader in self-publishing, to create Archway Publishing. With unique resources to support books of all kind, Archway Publishing offers a specialized approach to help every author reach his or her desired audience. For more information, visit or call 844-669-3957.AttachmentCover_lMarketing Services
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