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With organizations and their business practices under increased scrutiny from watchdogs, whistleblowers and the general public, transparency is more important than ever for businesses to cultivate a positive perception.

Press Release updated: Sep 8, 2020 12:47 EDT

For businesses to thrive in the current economy, it’s essential they are perceived positively by the public. With, companies are issuing their company news, corporate announcements, events, and more to connect with their audiences and showcase the kind of company culture that fuels their business practices. 

“For most people, I think, it’s important that the businesses they support conduct themselves fairly and openly,” says Erik Rohrmann, COO at “Many of our business customers communicate regularly with the public and the media, building their own relationships with journalists, reporters, and bloggers; the regular communication is good for transparency, ensuring that businesses keep themselves accountable.”

Corporations are always under a watchful eye of both the authorities and the public; those that are proactive about public relations and maintain an open dialogue with their supporters, shareholders, and the media do themselves a service by creating confidence in their ability to be open and transparent about non-proprietary business practices.

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