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Press Release updated: Sep 7, 2020 09:00 EDT

Calgary’s favourite escape room, Arcadia Adventures, is once again open for adventure. Would-be explorers, seafaring investigators and zombie survivalists are welcome to come and experience the creative and safe atmosphere again. Their collection of challenging and thought-provoking puzzles will prove sufficient in stumping even the craftiest individuals.

Plus, they have put into place all the necessary precautions for combating the spread of COVID-19. Regular cleaning schedules have become a staple of their process, both before and after teams enter the rooms. They have also put in place cleaning protocols for the common areas and high-traffic surfaces as well. Finally, they are providing sanitizing materials for client convenience.

With this surge of new features and the same excellent service as always, Arcadia Adventures is once again ready to strut their stuff. Their rooms include horrifying visages of the undead and secret societies bent on discovering the world’s darkest secrets. Or, adventurers have the option of going back to a simpler era in the dark ages or medieval times, where they will have to use their quick wit and cunning problem-solving skills to free themselves in time. 

Finally, the escape room in Calgary with the most fun and excitement is now ready. Visit their website or check them out in-person today. But don’t forget your crew. These events are not for the simple-minded, and only through teamwork and collaboration will you be able to beat old records and triumph over all the rest.

Source: Arcadia Adventures