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Press Release updated: Sep 3, 2020 16:00 EDT

ZAPTEST, Inc. is announcing Unlimited Licenses offerings for Functional and Performance testing & RPA software.

Unlimited licenses will be offered through ZAP Enterprise Software+Services (S+S) Solution. Customers will be given access to unlimited use of ZAPTEST software and full-time assistance by a certified ZAP Expert working remotely alongside customers full-time employees and consultants.

“Software+Services is the future of modern enterprise software on-boarding as the market gets used to open-source no-cost solutions. With the option of unlimited use of software and on-going expertise from ZAP Experts customers will be able to overcome all major challenges of the test automation and RPA industry, i.e. they will be able to automate testing and RPA of any application, no disruption to the software budget during the fiscal year, and have availability of a certified ZAP Expert assuring efficient software implementation,” says Alex Chernyak, ZAPTEST Founder and CTO.

ZAP has been on the market for over 20 years as a software and services company leading industry test automation innovations. ZAPTEST software is able to automate any UI and API for Functional and Performance testing as well as Robotic Process Automation, to meet any development schedule Agile/DevOps or Waterfall and to accommodate any company employee skill set through video recording, or script-less workflows.

ZAPTEST main functionalities include test and RPA automation of software applications through live interaction, video recording, or mock-ups; auto-documentation of test cases; parallel execution cross-platform with the same script; private cloud platform; UI test automation; API testing; and Load testing utilizing functional test scripts.

Alex Chenryak is a member of Forbes Technology Council where he is sharing best practices on the topic of Quality Assurance and Software Test Automation.

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