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Press Release updated: Sep 3, 2020 08:00 PDT

With a history of excellence and over 20 years of experience in calibrating pipettes, is the largest independent pipette calibration facility on the West Coast. is also a distributor of several manufacturers of pipettes, pipette tips and lab equipment. uses a metrology-based measurement for all different pipette brands for calibration, including Eppendorf Pipette Calibration. Metrology is defined as a science of measurement. Metrology-based pipette calibration provides a platform where the process is done within the strict guidelines of the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). This ensures that there is a methodology and a standard set for all of the equipment used to calibrate the pipettes

In addition, is now calibrating multiple brands and multichannel pipettes within its portfolio. Rainin Pipettes are known for their high standards in design and construction. But even the best pipettes require calibration in order to function optimally and correctly. Rainin pipette calibration involves the factory-approved method of gravimetric analysis. This method of Rainin pipette calibration ensures conformity to the original manufacturer’s specifications.

Every pipette undergoes 4×2 weighings (two at low volume and two at high volume, as specified by manufacturer requirements) in an environmentally controlled calibration facility. Extended calibration points and weighings, and individual channel calibration for multichannel pipettes are available upon request. is an ISO 17025 Accredited Calibration Facility that calibrates and repairs all pipette brands, and models. All pipettes are calibrated in’s environmentally controlled facility. is a laboratory’s GMP and GLP compliance expert. Pipettes are one of the most ubiquitous and commonly used research tools. Having a pipette operating at its optimal performance is important to obtain accurate and reproducible results.