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DOVER, Del., Sept. 03, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — As more businesses shift to a remote business model in response to COVID, they can also reduce costs and improve productivity by understanding how to build and manage teams more effectively in a virtual environment. REMOTE iT! describes how entrepreneurs can create a powerful remote culture and run a booming business from anywhere with outstanding global freelance talent.  Even if they didn’t start out with a remote workforce, many entrepreneurs and leaders at large companies are realizing how using global online freelancers can help them gain a major competitive edge. With REMOTE iT!, Brooks delivers a playbook for success with examples, tips, and best practices that have helped him build an award-winning, industry-leading global freelance marketplace business. Brooks runs his company from anywhere entirely with freelance talent. This fast-paced book offers innovative strategies for managing remote teams while helping them to stay connected, fulfilled, and productive.Going Remote Pays Off
Michael Brooks is the CEO and founder of goLance, an award-winning online freelance marketplace for recruiting, screening, hiring, managing, and paying global talent. goLance has more than 550,000 users and $82 million in payouts (and growing). Brooks demonstrates how businesses can gain a significant competitive advantage without the expense and office overhead of traditional business and how entrepreneurs and freelancers enjoy the flexibility and work-life balance available with a remote model. Brooks has been using freelancers for his businesses and working remotely since 2009. He is also the author of two books focused on digital currency and the credit card industry, and he has been a speaker at major global conferences on freelancing, remote work, digital currency, e-commerce, CRM automation, and other topics.
Although REMOTE iT! focuses on how using freelancers can help businesses scale and meet customer needs, it also offers guidance for anyone managing remote teams to help them save money while achieving results well beyond their expectations.  The book describes best practices for leading an exceptional remote culture, building a loyal workforce, and finding workers with a wide range of skill sets. Readers will discover approaches for conducting productive meetings and leveraging cutting-edge virtual collaboration tools. They learn what to look for in a freelance platform and how it can help them to hire, screen, manage, and pay workers.Brooks describes creative uses of technology beyond Slack, Skype, and Zoom that takes a remote culture to the next level of connectivity.  He uses an Oculus gaming headset and meets in virtual rooms together with team members, clients, and advisors. These virtual environments enable attendees to have an experience like face-to-face communications without having to leave their homes. At a time when travel is impractical, these experiences are priceless.Remote work is the new mantra for business. REMOTE iT! offers guidance to help entrepreneurs step into the virtual world with confidence and success. The Kindle and paperback versions of REMOTE iT! are available here on The Kindle version has been an Amazon Best Seller since it was introduced in late July.Media contact
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