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Team provides professional and highly skilled support, where most needed, to successfully manage COVID-19 and communicable disease challenges.

Press Release updated: Sep 3, 2020 08:00 EDT

Bridges Crisis Management is a team of highly skilled technology, health care, and business professionals. The team’s mission is the provision of crisis support to Assisted Living Facilities to help them manage COVID-19 and communicable disease challenges safely and effectively.

“Our team will be happy to schedule a demonstration to show how we can increase their infection control safety protocols and early detection for improved outcomes,” says Managing Director Alena Andrews. “Defending your Assisted Living Facility against COVID-19 and communicable disease is a challenging task. Our services help reduce anxiety by assisting with testing, contact tracing information, and symptom monitoring for patients, staff members, and families. Our mission is to address the anxiety related to the current pandemic and the upcoming flu season.”

The services offered have been developed by a team of health care professionals with the aim of preventing the spread of COVID-19 and other communicable diseases, specifically designed for Assisted Living Facilities. The team offers cutting-edge technology, including daily symptom monitoring to help alleviate anxiety, while also anticipating infections among staff members that could lead to staff shortages or facility outbreaks. The Smart Symptom Tracker

  • Determines if staff have any COVID-19 symptoms
  • Tracks if staff have been exposed to COVID-19
  • Identifies if staff attended a large event where safety protocols were not in place
  • Ascertains if staff need to stay home and/or get tested
  • Clears staff members to report to work if they are asymptomatic and risk free
  • Company portal offers user friendly visual forecasting for staffing needs
  • Provides daily clinical oversight on patient monitoring

Additionally, testing can be of use for residents, staff members, and visiting family alike to assure that the risk of infection is constantly monitored and minimized.

The team also offers:

  • Assistance with regular testing for all staff, patients, and visitors, as needed
  • Staff in-house training on infection control strategies
  • Assistance to senior management in preventing staffing shortages
  • A specialized nurse hotline number
  • Care coordination with other health care providers 
  • Contact tracing information for staff, patients & their families
  • Counseling services for mental health and grief

To arrange for a no-obligation demonstration, or for more information on how Bridges Crisis Management can help your facility, please visit our website @


Press Contact:

Alena Andrews

Phone: 661-308-7324



Source: Bridges Crisis Management