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Press Release updated: Sep 2, 2020 16:00 EDT

No story captured the horrifying emotional toll COVID-19 is taking on our doctors, nurses and frontline medical staffers more vividly than the death of Dr. Lorna Breen, the emergency room director at New York-Presbyterian Allen Hospital, who committed suicide April 26.

Dr. Breen’s father, Dr. Philip C. Breen, said she had described devastating scenes of the toll the coronavirus took on patients. Her sister Jennifer Feist said she had described the emergency room as “Armageddon” and was tormented by the fact that she could not help more people. Dr. Breen, who became ill with COVID-19 as well, had said, “People are just dying in the waiting room before they even get in. There aren’t enough hookups for oxygen to help them. They’re not getting admitted fast enough. We can’t keep up.”

Beyond these heartbreaking stories that make the news, global research from China to Italy confirms that the mental health toll in the medical community – including cases of depression, stress, anxiety and insomnia – is incalculable. Much of it is caused by the fact that these professionals are often so preoccupied with distractions and time-consuming tasks, like pre-screening, that they cannot focus on saving lives.

Phoenix-based company RadiusAI (RAI) is meeting this moment of crisis by leveraging its proprietary Viztel™ technology. Viztel™ for RAI Health enables hospitals to lower the risk of infection spread by leveraging RAI’s patent-pending multi-camera tracking and 3D depth modeling algorithms to provide fever detection, social distancing notifications, mask detection and proper hand sanitization compliance. Viztel™ also provides hospitals with discreet real-time staff alerts of visitors who fail one or more screening compliance protocols, as well as customized action notifications. For example, Viztel™ can notify staff of potentially contaminated surfaces touched by non-complying guests that need to be disinfected, as well as real-time violations in social distancing protocols.

RAI’s Health division also utilizes Viztel™ to help prevent the spread of infections. Research indicates that up to 70% of hospital-acquired infections could be prevented with proper protocols, including hand sanitization and accurate pre-assessment fever screening. Viztel™ urges hand sanitization and mask compliance through real-time interaction on screens.

Several companies who initially invested in elevated skin temperature fever detection systems are realizing that false positives (such as people entering buildings from hot climates) are cost and time prohibitive and false negatives (due to cold climates and air conditioners) increase risk of infection spread, rendering their solutions ineffective. RAI uses thermal cameras that meet the FDA’s stringent temperature accuracy guidelines. RAI can more accurately detect whether an individual has a fever upon entering a hospital, clinic or care facility because Viztel™ measures elevated body temperature through the inner canthus (tear ducts). Real-time nudges of positive readings are given to employees to alert them so that they can take effective precautions.

“Our focus and mission is to use this technology to free up medical staff to focus on more important aspects of care in the hospital environment, which in turn can help lower the burnout rate and mental health issues related to extra COVID-19 care,” says Co-CEO Susan Sly, one of the powerhouse five-member RadiusAI leadership team. “Our software takes much of the time burden off the nursing staff so that they can focus more intently on patient care. We estimate that our pre-screening solution will save 8-16 hours per week of nursing staff time at each hospital entrance. This is especially important with the prospect of a second wave of COVID-19 coming.”

Voted one of the Top 10 hottest start-ups in Phoenix two years in a row by the Tech Tribune, RAI’s team is diverse and highly accomplished, including individuals that: have held senior Ph.D. research positions at Google; have been featured on NBC, CBS, ABC, Fox, The Wall Street Journal, USA Today and Newsweek; have been recognized on Forbes’ “30 Under 30” list; and have substantial experience in the public and private sector with companies such as Apple, Wells Fargo, American Express, PayPal and Motorola.

For more information on RAI, visit RadiusAI. 

Brittany Barocsi​

Source: RadiusAI