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Dante Labs introduced a new COVID-19 CE-IVD Test for current infection from saliva samples, via real-time PCR to remove all complications related to invasive nasopharyngeal swabs

Press Release updated: Sep 2, 2020 13:10 BST

Dante Labs announced today a new coronavirus test for current infection based on saliva samples. The test uses real-time SARS-COV2 PCR CE-IVD technology and kits to detect current coronavirus infection from COVID-19, exactly like nasopharyngeal swabs. The test allows for easy, non-invasive sample self-collection by individuals, democratizing coronavirus testing for everyone.

“This innovation alleviates people’s discomfort associated with swabs and removes the risk of infection for medical professionals who are in charge of collecting these samples,” said Dante Labs CEO Andrea Riposati. “Testing is the key driver to quickly identify hotspots and block them before the virus spreads to thousands of individuals. However, the user experience with swabs is invasive and painful.”

Dante Labs developed special protocols to extract RNA from saliva in its highly automated clinical laboratory in L’Aquila, Italy, and validated the full process in an international study with more than 25,000 samples.

The new test does not require swabs. Saliva is auto-collected by spitting in a user-friendly collection kit with special reagents to capture and keep the RNA.

The test is available across Europe and the Middle East and costs only 58 euros (GBP 58), including two-way premium one-day medical shipping. Results are available within 24 hours. Special services are available for companies and organizations of any size.


Francesca Tarquinio


Source: Dante Labs