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Atlanta, GA, Sept. 02, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Local educator, transformational life and fitness coach, pastor Jay Vinson has launched a new book Pain To Purpose in order to help young people through the confusing process of finding their true life’s purpose. Vinson himself has experienced quite a journey when it comes to self-discovery and finding his life’s purpose. Starting with his first calling to ministry, Jay is an avid faith-based educator, providing guidance to young people in his community. His path in ministry first became reality at fifteen years old, when he started preaching to the congregation of the church he grew up in. Throughout secondary education, Jay continued to preach in balance with his education and status as a Fellowship Christian Athlete. Since studying mass communication at Auburn University in Alabama and graduating in 2013, Jay leverages his knowledge and expertise to help clients find their best selves, in addition to their life’s purpose. As the CEO of JJV Enterprises, Jay leads a variety of workshops, including topics such as fitness, healthy eating, financial literacy, as well as after school programs and youth and college athletic training. JJV enterprises also provide transformational coaching, academic workshops, and retreat programs for religious educators and leaders. Offering sliding scale pricing for all programs, discovering the best path for you is in reach for everyone. Pain to Purpose covers the heartaches Jay has endured and overcome. Barely making it out of high school and attending a smaller college before his time at Auburn University, Jay is no stranger to the universal pains of meeting several failures, being overlooked, and feeling uncertain about his path. During his time as an undergraduate student, Jay suffered the pain of two close loved ones, and had to balance grief with making it to classes and keeping up his grades. Through the pain and rejection that he faced, Jay discovered what his calling — his purpose — in the world was. In that sense, Jay turned his pain into purpose. How Does the World See Jay? According to Sally Hogshead’s How to Fascinate method, Jay is an Ace, meaning that he is decisive, tireless, forthright, and “comfortable with tackling big goals,” which can be seen in the numerous challenges and big goals he’s taken on despite his young age. Jay is a strong leader who uses a steady, tried-and-true approach to ensure results. His self-assured ideas and actions are highly influential, which inspires and motivates individuals and groups to recognize their potential. “I want to help people become better versions of themselves, especially when it comes to health and wellness,” he says, “That includes losing weight, gaining lean muscle, and developing a healthier eating routine.”Pastor Jay Vinson is available to speak at your ministry event or church service on his book’s subject matter. Contact Pastor Jay by clicking here for any Faith-Based Speaking Engagement request.If you are looking for a coach to help you discover your purpose, Jay Vinson is the decisive, tireless, forthright coach for you. Purchase Pain to Purpose on Amazon.  To get to know Jay and his journey on a deeper level pick up a phone and call him at (678) 310-6381. Guidance towards your calling in life is one phone call away. Order on Barnes & Noble Online Google Books Books: 

Product detailsItem Weight : 3.52 ouncesPaperback : 84 pagesISBN-10 : 1652967273ISBN-13 : 978-1652967279Publisher : Independently published (March 10, 2020)Product Dimensions : 5.25 x 0.19 x 8 inchesLanguage: : EnglishBook Author Jay Vinson
Author, Speaker, Life Coach, Mentor at JJV Enterprises Inc.
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