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Newswire’s team of strategists utilize key tactics to build trust and greater publicity for retail executives.

Press Release updated: Sep 2, 2020 09:05 EDT

As retail brand managers, CMOs, and C-suite executives search for new ways to reach consumers, buyers and industry media, Newswire continues to help customers position themselves as authority figures in their respective industries by securing more opportunities for valuable earned media mentions to fill the top-of-funnel activities and build better brand awareness. As a part of Newswire’s Earned Media Advantage Guided Tour: Market Builder, customers work with Earned Media Advantage Strategists to align themselves with trending stories and news to develop relevant content to boost expertise, credibility and trust in their respective markets.

Because Newswire’s strategists have worked with various industry leaders in the retail sector, they understand the importance that lies within the sub-industries in the space. Breaking news stories and trends in food and beverage, automotive, and electronic retail are all equally important to the Newswire team as they craft custom media and commercial pitches for the digital marketing campaigns that are included as a part of the EMA GT Market Builder

As the e-commerce and digital marketplace industries become increasingly crowded with new retailers joining the online movement, it can become difficult to reach target audiences through traditional and social media advertising. 

Last week, Apple announced new ad tracking policies that will effectively make it more difficult for Facebook advertisers to connect with consumers. Because Newswire’s distribution channels are unaffected by such changes and are non-reliant on PPC models, the company’s Distribution Platform offers a unique opportunity for retailers looking to strategically connect with prospective customers. 

“We develop multiple media campaigns for our Guided Tour customers in order to maximize the reach of their value proposition,” said Charlie Terenzio, Newswire’s VP of Earned Media Advantage Business.

“As we develop the media and marketing communications strategy, we aim to identify the main target segments, curate commercial lists, and send unified complimentary campaigns for both brand awareness and lead generation purposes. This custom approach has proven to be very effective for our customers in the e-commerce sector, and we look to continue this success into the future.” 

CEOs and C-suite executives can effectively manage marketing budgets through the Market Builder, as Newswire acts as an extension of in-house teams. Through team collaboration, businesses don’t have to hire third party firms or new staff to manage campaigns, as Newswire’s strategists tend to the day-to-day management of each customer’s Earned Media Advantage Plan (EMAP).

“The dynamics and synergy between the EMAS and in-house team cannot go unnoticed,” said Patrick Santiago, Newswire’s VP of Customer Success. “This relationship between an industry expert and in-house retail professionals is what allows for the amplification of campaign reach. By combining industry intelligence with the outreach expertise possessed by our team members, retail brands can strategically align themselves with trends, major stories, and authoritative figures on reputable websites to reach targeted audiences.”

Newswire’s Earned Media Advantage Guided Tour Market Builder helps retail companies become pioneers of the new normal as they look to establish themselves as information authorities in their respective sub-industries.

Learn how Newswire’s EMA GT Market Builder can help your business establish itself as an authority in the space by navigating to the official program page.

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