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Baton Rouge, LA; Vancouver, BC, Sept. 02, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — APTIM, a leading engineering, integrated maintenance and comprehensive consulting services firm, and ehsAI, a cutting edge compliance technology company using AI/deep learning to greatly reduce compliance costs, are partnering to revolutionize compliance solutions for commercial, retail, industrial, utility, energy and government clients. Combining an integrated asset management program from APTIM and collaborative consulting expertise with ehsAI’s next wave artificial intelligence and patent-pending deep learning technology creates an unmatched, innovative digital solution for outsourced environmental compliance for federal, state, and local regulations and related documents.Highly competitive companies look for opportunities to outsource compliance management and free up resources for higher value work. Traditionally, compliance with regulations and related documents requires extensive manual review, data entry labor and administrative costs to convert permits, regulations and standards into individual requirements, tasks, and reports. Work that is often slow, inconsistent, and error prone, especially across multiple facility asset portfolios.  The APTIM/ehsAI compliance solution uses deep learning to automate review and analysis of complex legal regulatory documents into compliance requirements in minutes. This advanced technology solution is 100X faster and 10X more cost-effective, while maintaining over 97% data accuracy. This means much faster document and permit compilation, review and filing, significantly reduced labor costs – one person can do the work of 10 – and minimized liability exposure due to greater reporting accuracy and reliability. For example, an industrial company’s compliance management team recently took more than 7.5 days to manually review and prepare a single permit. With the AI-based solution, review and permit preparation would be completed in an hour.Innovative buying options include a self-serve SaaS platform that customers can use themselves or a managed service offering. Both scenarios are well-suited for remote business work environments prevalent in the downturned COVID-19 economy. The partnership serves US and Canada-based companies.Major commercial, retail, industrial, and technology companies as well as utilities and retail giants with hundreds of locations have experienced compliance management savings and cost-reductions of up to 80% with improved accuracy. With the added advantage of liberating talent resources to further improve efficiency, profitability, and the corporate bottom line.According to Heather Royston, President – Environmental, APTIM, “Leveraging our integrated engineering, maintenance, and environmental compliance experience with ehsAI technology seamlessly creates a compelling, innovative, and cost-effective compliance solution for today and well into the future.” Margery Moore, CEO ehsAI added, “We are extremely pleased to partner with global leader APTIM as they are an early adapter of AI and share our commitment to innovative technology and next wave digital solutions. Together we provide breakthrough compliance assurance, drastically reduced costs to help derive greater business value.”About APTIMAPTIM is a leading global provider of environmental engineering and remediation, energy management, infrastructure EPC services, integrated maintenance services, program management, and disaster response and recovery for private sector and government customers. In environmental services, we specialize in providing program management, compliance, auditing, and permitting assistance to our customers in a variety of industries. (For assistance: or Contact: Greg Butler, Director of Operations
Phone: 913-317-2629
About ehsAIehsAI is a next wave compliance technology company that uses artificial intelligence and deep learning to help organizations greatly reduce the costs and risks of permitting and compliance. A woman-led business, ehsAI is committed to integrity, diversity, and innovation in developing disruptive solutions that transform environmental, health and safety and compliance management for business. ehsAI serves the technology, manufacturing, energy, chemical, construction, utility, and retail industries. (For assistance: or Contact: Lee Carney, COO
Phone: 604-786-1434
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