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Press Release updated: Sep 1, 2020 06:00 EDT

Wearwell once again sets the benchmark in safety and ergonomics with the launch of the WOW! Finish, a groundbreaking solution that stops mats from sliding around on the floor.

Sliding mats are a safety hazard, productivity killer, and bad for aesthetics. The reorganization of matting takes time, and repetitive bending can lead to musculoskeletal disorders. WOW! is the first solution that sticks where placed, but can be repositioned while retaining its grippy finish.

While all Wearwell mats fall within the National Floor Safety Institute guidelines, some work areas (i.e., dusty concrete or slick epoxy floors) require more than the weight of the mat to stay put. WOW! makes working in these extra-slick applications safer than ever.

For 70 years, Wearwell’s mission has been to create products that maximize the health and productivity of the workforce. Thanks to this vision and constant innovation, sliding mats will soon be a hazard of the past. The WOW! Finish will reduce the injury counts while simultaneously promoting workplace aesthetics and cleanliness.

“The WOW! Finish is the culmination of Wearwell’s 70 years of matting expertise, combined with R&D light-years ahead of our competition. We are focused on bringing manufacturing into the future, one matting, flooring, and safety innovation at a time. Don’t spend valuable time chasing traveling mats. With WOW! Finish, when you put them down, they won’t move around,” said Taunya Swandal, Marketing Director.

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About Wearwell: Wearwell is a global manufacturer, headquartered in the United States, with sales operations throughout North America, South America and Europe. Since 1950, Wearwell has designed and patented products that prevent injuries, optimize performance and position teams to compete in the toughest of all arenas – business.

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