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Press Release updated: Aug 31, 2020 11:00 PDT

KaVo unveils SURGmatic™ Pro series, a durable performance and boundless power surgical handpiece. With SURGmatic Pro, KaVo provides you with a complete surgical system that can accommodate and place any implant. Optimized durability is achieved with the new hexagonal clamping system which spreads the distribution of torque over a large area of the tool shaft.

“KaVo’s new SURGmatic Pro is the most powerful and robust surgical tool we’ve developed to date,” says Gabe Rivera, Product Manager at KaVo. “Founded on KaVo’s core principles of Quality, Performance, and Innovation, SURGmatic Pro has gone through rigorous testing and development to extend the number of usage cycles at maximum torque values. Capable of supporting implants at an 80Ncm torque ratings, SURGmatic is fully kitted to support all of your patient procedures and dental accessories.”

Standout features of the SURGmatic Pro series include NEW Hexagonal clamping system for larger area torque distribution resulting in less deformation of the tool edge, EXPERTgrip™ surface for better handling and ergonomics, one-piece design for easy cleaning and sterilization (up to 273° F) and KM Irrigation system providing external and internal cooling for increased patient comfort and safety.

To learn more about KaVo SURGmatic Pro Series, visit or contact KaVo at 800-ASK-KAVO.

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